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Okay, here's the deal. We stopped using Discord back in June because of the absurd random takedowns we were repeatedly subjected to (including once literally just because one of our members insulted child molestors). So we have been using Steam chat as a replacement.

I think Steam chat is good enough, but after using it for all this time, I recognize that on a technical level Discord is clearly better. It has more features and less bugs. More importantly, though, it's more active. It sucks to be ghettoized on Steam chat because most people don't look at it. We don't have an active VC with people using webcams like we used to on Discord and I miss that.

However, no matter what happens, if we use Discord, we will be subject to, or at least have to worry about, random takedowns. We have tried enforcing their ToS but we were still subject to random ridiculous takedowns over and over.

One option is to just accept that and use Discord anyway, and simply remake the server every time it gets purged by those idiots. The only real issue with that is the member loss - Part of the purpose of us having a Discord/Steam chat is so I can post announcements to the userbase, and if we continue to get randomly banned by Discord it will limit the reach of those posts, which I don't want.

So this is basically my proposal: Require joining Discord AND Steam chat to get double points. Steam chat would be the primary platform for announcements and Discord would be for community interaction and VC.

Vote on it here:
Also join the Discord here, and get on the VC I kinda feel like getting on camera:

New prop/accessory models

There are a good amount of new models added to the prop and accessory crates. If you have missing textures on any of the models, or if you have a good suggestion for a new model to add, please contact Brittan

Also, regarding the map: We are still working on a map update, but we need someone who knows what they are doing and is motivated to help. Please contact me if you are decent with hammer and interested. Pay is available.

NEW YEAR 2022 - kills stat change


With the new year, we are resetting the kills leaderboard. Unfortunately, the kills leaderboard was messed up by counting a massive amount of farmed AFK/bot kills in the top players stats, which was later changed to be blocked.

From now on I will track bot kills, AFK kills, and non-AFK kills separately so the leaderboard can be filtered and is more fair. I still have the old kills data and will find a way to make them visible later (eg. in a leaderboard of total kills)

THE NEW LEADERBOARD (showing only kills of non-AFK non-bot players) CAN BE VIEWED HERE:

A Visit from St. Trump...

'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the Swamp,
Not a creature was stirring, not even for a romp;
Gifts were being spawned all over without care,
And newfriends opened them, hoping a pony model would be there;
Mama in her Twilight Sparkle costume, and I in my MAGA cap,
Had just left our computers for a long winter's nap;
When out of my speakers arose an obnoxious clamor;
I sprinted to my Gaymergear chair to mute the micspammer;
As I looked to my monitor, what did my eyes present?
A rumor of huge winnings larger than any seen yet!
Out of the lobby I flew like a flash;
Past hordes of Kleiners I continued to dash;
Then through the knife pit surrounded by snow;
They tried to slit my throatneck but they were too slow;
Then past all the libtards who trembled with fear;
And into Trump Tower - big riches are near!
I ran to the elevator as quick as can be;
Great winnings are waiting in the casino for me!
With hope in my heart and a gleam in my eyes,
I started rolling with hopes of a prize;
"Roll 100k! Roll 200k! I'm gonna win big!"
I didn't win though, 'cause Fedora-bot's rigged.
"Maybe the slots will make my wishes come true."
I started pulling the handle; the jackpot soon grew;
But I just couldn't win, no matter how hard I tried;
After nearly going broke I started to cry...
Just as all hope was lost - what did wandering eyes see?
A jolly orange madman with something special for me.
"Come here, fellow patriot, I've got a present for you."
When I looked in his hands, my eyes instantly grew!
It glistened so bright that I immediately knew -
This must be the Golden Kek - my dreams have come true!
So let his message be heard throughout all the land -
"Merry Christmas to All, and Make America Great Again!"

Credit: Fat Fluffy Kitty, Count Chocula, Doppio, Joker Gaming

During this Christmas event, thousands of gifts were spawned, spreading holiday cheer far and wide! The event is over and prizes have been given:

Saint Nick: observer
The Red-Nosed Pony: When
Santa's Little Helper: Capn Snowy Ranarr
Frosty The Snowman: F a k 3 D
Elves: Zakor, Fizzycox, newage1789, PyroNaomiFallen, Pardner, Bababooey22

Grinch: Doppio
Naughty list: mine master, Nibbler, remzoh, ShildaShekelbergGaming, xaviixakii (last 2 tied)

Also, a total of 163 players achieved the "gift giver" title, which requires giving a present to 100 different players, for a reward of 1m points each!

Thank you to everyone who participated!

Dec 24, 2021 @ 10:30pm


We have a very jolly christmas event for you this year! To participate, simply buy presents for other players. If you give a present to 100 different players, you'll get a reward of 1m points.

But that is not all! The top 10 gift-givers (ranked by how many different players they have given something to) will get much greater rewards.

The #1 gift giver will get 25m points AND a unique christmas-themed prop blueprint. #2, #3, and #4 will get 15m, 10m, and 5m, and the remaining top 10 will get 2m.

You can find presents in the shop under "toys". Presents now contain some much more valuable rewards, including random weapon blueprints and 100k points. To see how many players you've gifted, and how many you need to make the leaderboard, check under the "Titles" menu in shop.

That's not all! Naughty players can use a Throatneck Slittler to DESTROY presents! The naughtiest player - THE GRINCH - will be rewarded 10m. All other players on the naughty list will get 2m.

All rewards will be given out on Christmas. Be warned - if you're on the naughty list, you won't be eligible for gift giving rewards.

You can also bind a key to buying a present, try this console command: bind z "ps_buy mystery"

Dec 19, 2021 @ 2:40pm

Server rules
  1. Absolutely no pedophiles
  2. No disgusting shock vids/pics
  3. No calls for violence/suicide
  4. No hackers (get a life)
Full rules
For even more points, add to your Steam name for 10,000 per day upon login!
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