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LOG ON AT 5PM PST FOR FREE 100k POINTS (if you can get into the server)


The KEK IDOLS attainable from the labyrinth have been reworked; they now function similar to a money printer:
- When aboveground and not in a safe area, they generate points-per-minute
- An offering can be made to permanently upgrade the idol to increase its generation rate
- Say the magic word "kek" in chat to make all kek idols show through walls, so you can locate other people's idols (or go through the maze to get one; there can be up to 5 on the map at once)

To interact with the idols, HOLD DOWN the use key to open a menu, move the cursor to what you want to do, then release.


Join the voice only discord to video chat (we're live right now)

Introducing: TRASH MANAGER

You can now save and load your builds using the new "trash manager" in the constuction tab of shop!

You can load props in any area you "control" - either a private theater you own, or a protection field.

The props also have to be spawned from your inventory (attained through the sandbox crate or auction house)


Weapon "blueprints" are unique weapons that stay in your inventory forever, and can be spawned and used at-will. Each weapon blueprint has one-of-a-kind unique stats (not yet implemented) and can be traded on the auction house!

The weapon blueprints come with a rating (between "doo doo" and "LEGENDARY"), which is indicative of how good its stats will be once that is implemented. We will also revise the prices to spawn/refill these weapons.

The blueprints given as war rewards have been granted, and new weapon blueprints are now available in the CS:S gun lootboxes in the "weapons" tab of shop! Test your new guns in the shooting range for unlimited free ammo to kill Kleiners with!

Server rules
  1. Absolutely no pedophiles
  2. No disgusting shock vids/pics
  3. No calls for violence/suicide
  4. No hackers (get a life)
Full rules
For even more points, add to your Steam name for 10,000 per day upon login!
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