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Rule Revision

I've changed the rule:
Don't micspam obscene sound (constant slurs or porn audio)
Don't micspam obscene sound while AFK

So you can post this content again so long as you are active.

Vote on the rule change:

I just don't like the lobby getting blasted with this stuff 24/7. I may undo this revision if I feel it's too much.

I will also look into adding another "hell theater" with a somewhat lesser selection of allowed content compared to the previous "hell theater" years ago, which got us in trouble. I would only do this if I can get facepunch to give me permission ahead of time.

Friday night, I will have a "town hall" meeting on this Discord where I will be available to confront about any drama you want. You can also join it right now if you want.

I will be finishing my rant/expose about Discord T&S when I am ready. I know the trailer is goofy but the final video will have a very different tone.

This is the story I will be discussing with some added info and calls to action

We all know those people abuse their power every day. We need to put aside our petty Gmod drama to challenge Discord if this is going to have any chance to succeed.



The trailer is just for fun don't take it too seriously.

The serious final video will be delayed to likely this weekend while I make it more constructive (with clear suggestions for Discord to improve their awful system) rather than just being a direct callout, and create a better, more professional intro/conclusion. I have to shoot a lot of new video, but I'm still going to use all the shown footage of me with gmod in the background (my off-the-cuff rant)

like and subscribe

subscribe to my new YOUTUBE channel:

new content will drop there soon (probably this weekend)

we will also premiere the content on the server when it goes up

it will be worth watching

Income increase for kleiners

I've adjusted the points-per-minute function from:

( ( Current Points / 2500 ) + 40 )


( ( Current Points / 2000 ) + 50 )

So new players will now earn 50ppm instead of 40, and income grows faster as they save up now too. Max income is the same but it is reached at 300k instead of 400k. It takes around 30% less time (67 hours -> 46 hours) to reach max income now, if the player is active but not golfing/mining/donating to earn points. This makes the server more fair to new players.

I may continue to adjust the income function. Please comment below if you have thoughts on this!

Website update, new accessories

Check out the new homepage!

Thank you to Count Chocula and Fat Fluffy Kitty for help putting this together. If your screenshot was used, please reach out to me or FFK for your 1 million points reward.

As always, you can put in your Steam name for 10k upon login each day!

I also added hundreds of new accessory models (hats etc) to the shop, attainable through a random mechanic similar to blueprints. Check the "swag" tab.

There is also now a 1/100 chance to get a throatneck slitter skin from the weapon crate.

If you make the leaderboard on either of the "donation boxes", you can type /title to apply your title. There is a special title for the #1 slots. Many more titles are planned.

As always, more updates are in progress! Any ideas for engaging additions or minigames should be posted on our Steam group chat.

Server rules
  1. Absolutely no pedophiles
  2. No disgusting shock vids/pics
  3. No calls for violence/suicide
  4. No hackers (get a life)
Full rules
For even more points, add to your Steam name for 10,000 per day upon login!
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