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Welcome to the Swamp

We are a unique Garry's Mod gaming community.

Lightweight, Custom-built Servers

We won't overload you with gigabytes of addons when you connect.

We respect your right to have a decent framerate while playing.

All of the code on our servers is designed with speed as a top priority.


No Player Ranks

No-one gets exclusive ranks just for donating to us.

Everyone's name is the same color, even staff.

You won't be talked down to just for being new.

Less Rules; Better Staff

Some communities have rules that look like legal code.

Others have unclear rules and pompous, unforgiving moderators.

Our rules are minimal and easy to follow, and our staff is very down-to-earth.


Swamp Cinema

A casual, chaotic social game based around a virtual movie theater.

  • Explore the vast map full of discoveries above and below ground!
  • Collect points and trade unique items with other players!
  • Build your own secluded theater to hang out with your friends in!
  • Customize your playermodel - are you a human or a pony?
  • Play minigames such as chess, golf, and dodgeball!
  • Fight other players for control of the main theaters!
  • Or just hang out for a casual night of YouTube videos.
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Swamp Cinema

Fat Kid

Fat Kid is our open source Garry's Mod remake of the classic Halo 3 custom game with the same name.

The game is about a slow-moving alpha zombie who is trying to eat all the humans, who must flee from him by breaking down barricades. Any human that is eaten turns into a skeleton, and becomes a minion of the Fat Kid.

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Fat Kid